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SWBC Lending Solutions

SWBC Lending Solutions
SWBC Lending Solutions

About SWBC Lending Solutions ™
SWBC Lending Solutions LLC was founded in 2008 to offer a wide variety of products to support the origination process to banks, mortgage lenders, and credit unions through the LendingXpress platform. In 2014, SWBC acquired Equi-Trax Asset Solutions (founded in 2008), focused nationally on Broker Price Opinions, property inspections, and other valuation products, and Quality Valuation Services (founded in 2008), a nationally recognized appraisal management company, and combined the expertise of those companies with its proven technology of the SWBC Lending Solutions platform. The combined services of the new company profile is designed to meet all the settlement service needs involved in originations and default management, especially in light of the CFPB vendor oversight directives and consolidation within the industry.
Founded on the principles of quality, transparency, and integrity, SWBC Lending Solutions maintains an unswerving commitment to compliance, evidenced by a highly experienced management team with years of experience in mortgage lending and related services, appraisal management, enterprise risk, loss mitigation and whole loan exit strategies. Compliance efforts include seminars for many of its customers centered on valuations and continual monitoring of federal and state regulatory changes, benefitting its partners’ compliance activities and ensuring that their products are also compliant.
Those qualities were recently recognized by Morningstar Credit Ratings, which ranked SWBC Lending Solutions in August 2015. “SWBC Lending Solutions’ organization benefits from a comprehensive quality control and performance driven culture arising from a solid training regimen, comprehensive and client-specific policies and procedures, internal performance monitoring and reporting, and proactive vendor-management protocols,” Morningstar noted in its ranking. The ranking distinguishes SWBC Lending Solutions from other valuation providers and also benefits its clients.

SWBC Lending Solutions products include the following:
• Valuation Services
o Traditional Appraisal Services
o Property Inspection Condition Report (PICR)
o Warranted PICR with AVM
o Hybrid Valuation products
o Broker Price Opinions
o Valuation Review and Reconciliation Services
• Title/Lien Position Products
o Full ALTA Title
o Streamlined Title Products
o Property Reports
o Reconveyance, Recordation, and Closing Services
o Lien Release
• Compliance Products
o Tax, SSN, and Employment, and Deposits Verification
o Flood Certificates
• Insurance Products
o Equity Default Insurance
o Contractual Liability Products
• Additional Services
o Tax Service
o Closing Document Preparation
o Quality Control Services
o Data & Analytics
For more information, visit the SWBC Lending Solutions website at http://lendingsolutions.swbc.com/.


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