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Please read this page all the way down to the bottom.
Please register   and login, before using this web site
Note: login requires you to click on the link “I agree to these terms” such that you can see the Recaptcha, to prove you are human. ( see videos)
If you are a company who wishes to review resumes, tick the box for that, and remit during the process.
If somehow you managed to register but are a company looking to review resumes, you can still remit using the menu link ( registration->make a payment), and you will then, after a short wait, be able to review resumes.

For Employer Companies & Businesses

  • Companies can submit their company information (Login, then Business Directory -> Create a Listing ) without cost.

To Review Resumes

  • For companies seeking to review resumes, there is a payment of $75.00.
    ( when the payment is processed you are able to review resumes, if you see the transaction but are unable to review resumes, please contact)
  • For companies seeking to review resumes but are already registered please pay here. After a short while, you will be activated. Contact when there is an issue.
  • For companies that are new to the site: Use the register tab on the menu, fill out the form, will be redirected to PayPal. Tick the appropriate box if you are looking to review resumes; once activation occurs, you will be able to view resumes ( there will appear a new tab on the menu to review ).
  • If you have any problems contact webmaster (ed@highersourcesites.com)

To submit a job opportunity for a company:

  • To post a job; Register, Login, then use the link and Post the job.
    (Does Not Require a payment)

For Position Seekers

  • Dashboard -> Jobs -> Find the job you are interested in then click on it then “apply”.
    (you can  submit your resume) at no cost. Please register and login first.

When logging in: In order to see the captcha click on the “I agree to these terms” Link. Then click on login.

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