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Job: Executive Director

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Title Executive Director
Categories Other
Salary Contract Position – Negotiable
Start Date 2018-01-01
State DC
Job Information

The Community Mortgage Lenders of America (CMLA) is the trade association for mid-size and small community-based lenders. CMLA represents the interests of its members in Washington, DC in front of the Congress, federal regulators and the executive branch of the government.


The CMLA seeks an Executive Director to lead and manage the association.


The Executive Director is the chief staff officer of the Association.  He/she recommends and participates in the formulation of policies and procedures and makes the appropriate implementation decisions within existing policies as approved by the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director plans, organizes, employs, directs and coordinates the staff, programs and activities of the Association to assure that directives of the Board of Directors are implemented, and members’ needs are met.  He/she maintains effective internal and external communications and relationships.  Through sound management and leadership, the Executive Director achieves efficient performance, progressive programming, and constructive overall growth of the Association.


  1. General Principles:


The Executive Director:


  1. Is responsible to the Board of Directors for the administration of the Association and for proper interpretation and fulfillment of all functions, responsibilities, authority and relationships.


  1. Effects and maintains the establishment of a close working relationship with the Officers and Board of Directors of the Association.


  1. Maintains positive relationships with other associations, community, federal, state and local governments, public service organizations and vendors as are desirable and/or necessary in the best interests of the Association and in conformity with the overall objectives and policies of the Association.


  1. Makes him/herself accessible to members to the greatest degree possible.


  1. Acts as liaison between the staff and the Board.


  1. Specific Duties, Responsibilities and Authority:


Within the limits of the Bylaws, as may be amended from time to time, and Association’s policies, the Executive Director is responsible for and has commensurate authority to accomplish the duties set forth below:


  1. Executes all decisions of the Board of Directors and Committees except when other assignment is specifically made. In the event of specific assignment, the Executive Director is responsible for notification of the appropriate agencies and tracking progress of the project.


  1. Engages with members and develops and cultivates ongoing relationships with members.


  1. Attends all meetings (physical or otherwise) of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committees, and Task Forces as appropriate. Oversees and organizes the logistics of all meetings including Board Meetings, General Sessions of the membership and DC Fly-Ins. The DC Fly-Ins shall be conducted twice a year, or such other number as mandated by the Board of Directors.


  1. Works with the Board of Directors to develop an annual budget for the Association. In cooperation with the Secretary/Treasurer, he/she shall also ensure that all monies, physical assets and other property of the Association are appropriately safeguarded and managed through sound accounting procedures.


  1. Follows directions from the Board of Directors to see that regular, timely and detailed financial statements and reviews be provided; and arranges for an annual audit by the Association’s regular accountant. And, as stipulated by the Board, shall arrange for an outside audit.


  1. Responsible for assisting the Board Chair in preparation of the Board Meeting Agenda and distribution of the Agenda with all attachments to the entire Board of Directors.


  1. Prepares drafts of the minutes of the Board for final editing by the Secretary/Treasurer, Chair and subsequent approval of the Board. Maintains the official minutes of the Board of Directors, all Committees and Task Forces and other official meetings of the organization.  Provides security for all files, legal and historic documents, membership and mailing lists.


  1. Provides the necessary liaison as staff support to committees and task forces, chairpersons and members to enable them to properly perform their functions. Sees that committee decisions and recommendations are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval as appropriate.


  1. Establishes a sound organizational structure for the Association and trains and manages staff accordingly.


  1. Recruits, hires, orients, trains and motivates Association staff. Is responsible for all promotions and terminations working within the guidelines and policies of the Association.  (All persons that receive payment for service from the Association shall be under supervision and direction of the Executive Director.)


  1. Oversees development and execution of a new membership recruitment campaign.


  1. Develops and maintains, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, policy manuals, guidelines and working manuals for the efficient operation of the Association’s office.


  1. Clearly defines staff duties, establishes performance standards, conducts performance reviews, and maintains competitive salary structure. Is responsible for making sure that sufficient staff is available at all times to carry out adequately the programs and directives of the Association.



  1. Executes such contracts and commitments as may be authorized by the Board of Directors under established policies.


  1. Is sufficiently knowledgeable about legal and other sensitive matters to know when the advice of legal counsel is necessary and ensures that legal counsel prior to distribution reviews sensitive documents.


  1. Acts as the clearinghouse for information on all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Association whether they are government, industry or Association matters and keeps the Board of Directors and the membership informed.


  1. Responsible for ensuring elections to the Board on an annual basis, including but not limited to distribution of bios of all candidates and conducting the election.


  1. Works with Officers and Board-elect prior to their assuming office to orientate them with the nature of their responsibilities and the operations of the Association’s office and structure.


  1. Develops for purposes of day-to-day administration, specific policies, procedures and programs to implement the general policies established by Board of Directors.


  1. Oversees all communications to the general membership including newsletters, general mailings, news releases, legislative mailings, etc.


  1. Maintains the Association’s virtual office in Washington, DC in order to ensure that CMLA has a Washington, DC –based address and phone number.


  1. The Director shall review his/her duties annually with the Chair and the Board to establish any additional duties, etc.
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